Short delivery time. 2-5 days.Normally, you will have the goods at your home within 2-5 business days whether you pay by card or choose an invoice. If you choose a prepayment/ Bank Transfer, it will take an extra couple of days when the item (s) is sent only when payment is registered in our account. (Weekdays are Monday to Friday, not Saturday, Sunday and holidays)The delivery time of 2-5 business days is valid from you receive an email that the package has been sent from our warehouse in Gan, Lillestrøm.

NOTE: After holidays and after promotions, processing time may take slightly longer than normal.

This is due to lower capacity / closed operations due to holidays with us and our shipping and delivery partners.

The post may have internal delays that are unforeseen. If you have not received the package within 12 business days, we will arrange compensation in form of resending the same item (s) or refund your payment.

We reserve the right to cancel the item (s) from placed order (s) if the goods may be sold out without being notified in the online store, and that there may be delays from suppliers that go beyond the stated delivery time.If you order items that we have run out of stock and we will not be able to procure them in a short time, you will be notified by mail or on your own sheet with the package.

If something is urgent for you then give us a message about it when you place your order and we will try and help you.

Call us at 970 70 407 or send an email to support@lmnara.no.Please note that in case of delayed delivery you have the right to cancel the purchase and receive the refund.


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