Payment Methods

We have 6 different payment methods you can choose from:

1. Direct bank transfer. Prepaid bank account. Pay the total amount for the goods to our account number 1506 21 89514. Mark the payment with your name and order number.

2. Credit Card (Visa, Eurocard or Mastercard). It is safe to shop with us and no one can read your card number.

3. PayPal.

4. Klarna Invoice – Pay within 14 days. Deal with your social security number. Begin by choosing Klarna’s billing option in the checkout. Enter your Social Security number to complete the purchase. It will then do an automatic micro-lookup which takes approx. one second. We do the posting to verify the personal data and approve the purchase. Invoice will be sent to you by mail when the goods are shipped from our warehouse. If you need to postpone the due date on the invoice, or freeze the invoice because you will return an item, you can easily do this by logging on to www.klarna.no.

5. Klarna Account – split the payment to fit your finances.Here you can choose how much you want to pay each month. Another benefit is that you get all your purchases from Klarna in one account. That means one single invoice, regardless of the number of purchases.Read more about KLARNA here: https://online.klarna.com/villkor_no Link til kontoinformasjon: https://online.klarna.com/account_noLink til kontobetingelser: http://klarna.com/pdf/kontovilkar_no.pdf Hjemmeside til kontoleverandør: http://klarna.noLowest amount to pay: kr. 95 / month.

6. Pay from Vipps at Lmnara (Gan).


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